2. Do a Dream Lifestyle Audit

We all have goals and envision ourselves at the top. To get there, all aspects of your life need to begin to function as a unit. While nobody is perfect, we all could do a little more to become a little better than we were yesterday, so doing an audit of the 5 areas of your life that matters most is of vital importance. This will allow you to see where you are currently, help you set your short and long term goals, and allow you to be able to measure your progress. Some things will take awhile to see results, while others will be easier to determine its impact right away.

We’ve created The Dream Lifestyle Audit for you in the form of an online questionnaire, that will allow you to quickly, and easily fill out the information, and have your responses emailed to you directly. Like the rest of this series, the Audit is broken up into 5 parts, with a new part becoming available each week. At the end of the month, we will compile all of the responses for a comprehensive look at the most popular responses, and specifically discuss things to target them. The first audit will be available at the beginning of the first full week of June.

Photo: Mike Troy

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