3. Believe in Yourself and Understand WHY Your Dream is Important

Half the battle of getting to your goals is believing that you can actually do it. The obstacles in between only make things a more “interesting” journey, as long as you are realistic in your strengths and weaknesses, and are confident enough in your virtues to make the most out of your current (and future) situation. If you don’t feel that this describes you, it is important to know that we are all inherently given the tools we need to be successful. It’s often just a matter of finding those tools and using ALL of them. In tandem with believing in yourself, you must understand the driving force behind your visions of greatness. Long after the initial push to live your dreams is in your rearview, adversity will undoubtedlytest your will. If you’re motivated by superficial goals such as purely wanting fame, and camera time, dedication to the work required to sustain lasting success will eventually fade. What drives you to greatness will oftentimes be the only fuel you’ve got left, to it better be good.

Photo: Jennifer

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