The Guide | Living The Dream 101: Getting Started


We’ve all heard the familiar inspirational phrases when it comes to living your dreams… From “Follow your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life”, to “Do what others won’t to live like others can’t”, just to name a couple.  While these both may be true in theory, it should go without saying that truly living the dream involves much more than just being passionate and doing what others won’t. It needs substance, structure, and direction.

“Getting Started”, is the first part in a series of weekly posts throughout the month. Each week this month, there will be a focus on 5 different aspects of the process of living out your dreams, and will provide anecdotal information, as well as useful resources, and tools to help you along the way.

The gallery below provides a good introduction of essential steps needed to get things moving in the right direction. Feel free to comment here, or on our Facebook FanPage throughout your journey.

Now… Let’s get started!

We’ll go further in depth at the beginning of the week on these three starting points, and as things take shape, we’ll dive head-first into the first area of focus: Health & Wellness.

Feature Image: George Groutas

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  1. Too difficult to read your content. Way too dark a background and font (at least it is on iPad mini)

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