The Day After (Valentine’s Day, That Is.)

by Paul Spock

She probably had some sort of idea in her pretty little head, with every detail of her romantic night with you all drawn out, and you didn’t catch the hint. So now, all your expenditures and actions were for not because with women its all about the details. Don’t beat yourself up too bad.  You did your best, we are all human, and your lady should forgive you too when she realizes the same. Just remember from now on, that women like details.

“50 Shades of Grey” is not a romance novel, its a dirty letter to Penthouse with more adjectives.  If a guy wrote that book, it would be only one page long, so just remember, women love details. Guys I hate to break it to you, but your ladies friends know more about your bedroom prowess than she will tell you. So guys, want a good Valentine’s Day? Write a good detailed story for her friends to hear later by making sure you take care of all the details, and of course do that swirly thing with your tongue that she likes.

Now that I have informed men on the finer points of romance I would like to inform the ladies that men are more romantic than women. Valentines day proves it. Us men do all we can on that day to show that we care and we adore the woman we are with, but no woman will cook him a steak, then keep quiet while he plays video games. Men also write better romance stories Shakespeare and the guy who wrote “the Notebook” are great examples. A lady wrote “50 Shades of Grey”, which I mentioned earlier is porn. So ladies, your man might not have lived up to your romantic expectations, and that’s okay. Forgive him, because I am sure he did his best. But in all reality, you should just enjoy each others company, and it shouldn’t just be Valentines day to do that!

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