A Valentine’s Day Love Letter From Sabrina Sky

by Sabrina Sky

It’s that time again and love is in the air!! How many meaningful relationships do we have standing this year?  How many people purchase gifts with the mind set of  “I really love this person”, and since Valentine’s Day is a national appreciation day for your sweetheart, “I want my sweetheart to know he/she is truly appreciated and loved”? Or, how many of you wait until the last minute, grabbing whatever’s left on the shelf along with a very impersonal card, hoping it’s enough to get you to home base later that night?

Well my friends I am the queen of knowing what’s good, and I’m going to share a few pointers that will hopefully make this Valentine’s Day more meaningful!  Sometimes when you use your brain to think, you only have access to the thoughts and memories you’ve stored there but when you learn to think with your heart, everything changes! Think of things you love! We all love to eat. If you can’t afford to take your sweetheart out to one of these over crowded over expensive restaurant’s for Valentine’s Day, think of what they love and surprise them by cooking their favorite dish. Make it a couple’s thing and cook together. Get romantic and feed each other, because spending time together in a state of appreciation is what really matters!

Express your true feelings! Out of over 7 billion people on this planet, you’ve chosen one. Why are they so special to you? I’m sure it would mean a lot to hear and know the love you share! Pick out some very relaxed love making music and get ready! We all have favorites, take a moment and think of your special person.

If you’re not in a relationship, that’s ok, this could be your mother/father son/daughter or any deserving friend. I’m sure you will find someone in need of a Valentine!! What does this person “Love”? Couple’s mani/pedi dates are lots of fun and easy on the wallet. You can get a 30-minute massage for $25 at most massage parlors! Plan a movie date, there’s always a good film you’ve never seen. Ask your close friends to make suggestions, because if you are friends, you’re probably into the same type of entertainment. Romantic picnics are really sexy… all you need is really good fruit and a bottle of wine to set the mood just right! The beach is the best for this type of setting but a park, your yard,even your living room floor would work just fine any area you have to yourself will work well! A single rose can be easily hidden away and always brings a big smile to someone’s face! Candle’s give the room or area a very intimate setting!!  You can make just about anyone feel special if you believe you can, and it doesn’t have to be a lover. We all deserve to be loved, so share your love if you want to receive love. Have fun remember what you put out always comes back to you. With that said, I love you all and wish you a very blessed, joyful, and loving Valentine’s Day; please enjoy!!!

P.S. Remember we all love to love, and always remember I love to love you!!


Sabrina Sky

Sabrina Sky

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