Destroying the Game: The Art of Making it Look Easy. Too Easy. (Things You Can Take From the Court to the Boardroom)

Michael Jordan, Blue Dunk, Lisle, IL, 1987

Michael Jordan is a lot of things: prolific, driven, great, a champion. One thing he is not, is apologetic for making his accomplishments look easy to obtain. In what could be considered one of the better inspirational messages wrapped in commercial, Jordan’s narrative telling us that “Maybe it’s my fault” that people practically assume he woke up one morning and he was one of the greatest basketball players that ever lived. Not knowing all of the sweat equity and drive required of him during his assent to greatness. Working so hard behind the scenes to perfect your craft that when on display, the level of skill and talent shown looks as though it were second nature. That’s when you know you’re doing the right things. That’s when you have learned the tools necessary to transcend success and step into greatness. To be be able to take whatever it is that you “do” and become so good at it, people assume that you’ve known how do it all of your life, is truly an artform in and of itself.

No matter what your profession, aspired or current, success is always the desired outcome as no one intentionally lacks the will to succeed. The work involved in just becoming good or even “successful” at something may sometimes seem daunting, let alone attempting to achieve greatness. No doubt, what you may do for a living may be very difficult, but consider this: The best make it look easy. Sometimes too easy. Why? Because they’ve fully dedicated themselves to spending so much of their time working on their craft at such a high level of intensity, that when the real-world challenge comes, it’s routine. They have the drive to work on their “game” every day they have the opportunity, including the days they may not feel like it. Always remember, it’s never doing things that most people would do that spawn greatness, it’s going the extra step, when most (if not all others) have quit or “don’t feel like it” today.

In a well-spent 60 or so seconds, MJ makes three important and inspiring points:

Three Things You Can Take From the Court to the Boardroom

1. Turn the pain of failure into success.

2. Work hard for what you want. Every. Single. Day.

3. No Excuses. Make it Happen.

Begin (or continue) your journey to greatness by holding true to your dreams and the principles of those three points in your daily life, and you’ll be well on your way to destroying a game of your own…

Feature image courtesy Flickr, cliff1066

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One response to “Destroying the Game: The Art of Making it Look Easy. Too Easy. (Things You Can Take From the Court to the Boardroom)

  1. Michael Jordan has always been impressive to me. I played basketball and was a fan myself. It’s a great point of view he shares and I’m glad you pointed it out. Those three tips should be taken to heart. True success is never an easy journey, but the feeling that comes from the accomplishments always makes the blood, sweat and tears worth it. The blood is the passion, the sweat is the dedication and the tears are what brings about motivation.

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