Looks like Blackberry’s makeover is still in full effect… Only time will tell if it’ll work, but you can’t blame them for being willing to try.

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It wouldn’t be a BlackBerry press event without something totally unexpected and semi-weird thrown in the mix. Today, at BlackBerry’s media conference revealing BlackBerry 10, the company appointed Alicia Keys as the new Global Creative Director.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 12.35.29 PMHer first act as GCD was to talk about how much she loves BlackBerry 10 at today’s media conference. Her other responsibilities are somewhat unclear — just like will.i.am’s role at Intel.

According to Keys, she’ll be working with app creators, designers, carriers, and more to make sure BlackBerry is the most efficient, cool and simple platform to be on. She proved just how “BlackBerry” she can be by wearing a tuxedo-type outfit, complete with black pants, black jacket, and white button down.

Keys was a long time BlackBerry user in the past, but jumped ship for “something sexier.” The way she explains it, she was carrying two phones for a while, “playing…

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