The Guide: Five Free Must-Have Tools for the Bootstrapping Entrepreneur

TeamworkLike most entrepreneurs who are starting out, wearing many different hats is part of the job description. That doesn’t mean however, that you should let what appears to be a daily mountain of work, intimidate you. There are now a plethora of resources available for the budding entrepreneur to take advantage of. The great part about these tools–whether you are a bootstrapping start-up with a $0 budget, or you are a multimillion dollar company, these tools will scale to your needs by offering free versions of their proprietary software, each with their specific limitations. Once you have grown past these limitations, an expanded or unlimited version of the web based software can be purchased for a reasonable monthly fee.

While there are other tools that we love and could easily be on this list as well, the cornerstone of any business is the effective organization and management of ideas, resources, and people. These tools will definitely point you in the right direction. Check out our gallery below to see our five recommended productivity apps for bootstrapping entrepreneurs.

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