Trey Songz Speaks Words of Encouragement to an Excited High School

Trey Songz Speaks to Students

Looking back on a year of great moments, one of  those moments occurred on a day unlike any other school day for the attendees of Chaney High School in Youngstown, Ohio. Thinking back on my days in high school, school assemblies were rare, and when we had them, they weren’t nearly as exciting as what these students experienced at the end of their school day.  In front of a crowd of some of the most excited high schoolers you could imagine, was BET award-winning R&B artist, Trey Songz.

Preparing for a national tour is never easy, but he took time out of his schedule to visit Chaney to encourage and let the students know that hard work, focus, and respect for their teachers pays off. Initially stepping on stage to a frenzied crowd of students, Trey’s message, began with how hard work, focus, and his goals allowed him to create a dream life for himself and his immediate family. He then turned his focus toward the audience as he encouraged them that by “using your minds”, dreams are attainable in any field, which don’t have to be centered around becoming “an entertainer, a singer, or an athlete.” It was an exciting mix of inspiration, and youthful exuberance that was capped off with Trey Songz leading the audience in singing his hit song, “I Need a Girl“.

Take a look at the image gallery and watch Trey Songz inspire Youngstown’s youth to create goals and work hard to achieve their dreams.

Also, here is the previously posted “Quick Clip” of Trey Songz’ Appearance.

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