Guided By Passion: Fashion Entrepreneur Cira Wright and the Inspiration Behind Gogo Lush

by Cira Wright (@GogoLush

Cira Wright At the age of 17, I began my first year of college at UCLA. I had heard many great things about Los Angeles prior to my arrival, so I was excited about the move! Within the first few weeks in my new environment, I noticed that fashion was a huge focus for most people in this city.  (After all, Hollywood is a world-renowned fashion hub!).  Even people making a quick run to the grocery store were fashion-conscious and seemed to be making a statement with their attire.  So, naturally, I became more aware of fashion trends and what the world of fashion was all about.

After graduating from college, I worked in sales at a couple of major department stores, which brought me closer to the fashion industry, but I knew that being a salesperson at a department store was not going to give me the career or success I wanted in my life.  I had so many ideas that I wanted to share with others, and I knew that sitting behind the cash register wasn’t going to be challenging nor fulfilling enough for me.

But, like many recent college graduates, I had no idea how to proceed to achieve what I wanted. I began searching for a career that I thought would allow me to be the successful woman I envisioned myself to be. A friend of mine told me that the finance industry would give me the success I yearned for. So I pursued a career in the finance industry where I excelled for about 5 years.  But I soon realized that I was doing something I didn’t love. I was not passionate about my career and I still didn’t feel fulfilled.

Gogo LushI did, however, have a good sense of how to create an attractive fashion look, and would always receive strong compliments about how well I dressed.  One day, in a moment of solitude, I asked myself, “What is my true passion?” I had asked myself this question before, but this time the answer was so clear and felt different. With complete confidence, I said to myself “FASHION”. Immediately, I began brainstorming to formulate ideas on how to become more involved in the fashion industry and how to make a difference for women in the world of fashion.

I have always felt that jewelry is the key ingredient to an eye-catching outfit.  Try putting on a dress without jewelry, and compare it to the look of a dress that is completely accessorized with beautiful earrings and the perfect necklace! The right accessories give your outfit character and help make the personal statement that you want to make! Whether you are going out for a night on the town, or you’re wearing jeans and a tank top for a daytime event, fashion jewelry gives your wardrobe life! That’s why I truly enjoy helping women accessorize to achieve results that can dramatically improve their personal appearance and image. This is what has made me honestly fall in love with fashion jewelry. It’s a great example of how “the little things” can make such a big difference!

For these reasons, I always keep abreast of current fashion trends, as shown by moguls in the fashion industry, in magazines, and at red carpet events.  Surprisingly, a plain black shirt with black pants can be transformed into a fashion masterpiece with the right accessories — this is the power and beauty of fashion jewelry!  And this is what led me to the creation of my company, Gogo Lush, LLC.

Gogo Lush EarringsGogo Lush is an online fashion jewelry boutique that specializes in unique statement pieces.  We believe that accessories are what make an everyday outfit come alive! Every piece we add to our collection is carefully selected by our fashion stylists to give the latest trends in today’s fashion world. We seek designers from all over the world to create a unique line for our customers. Our boutique-style jewelry and accessory line enables women to keep up with the latest styles. We specialize in elaborate and glamorous jewelry designs that will deliver a chic look at an affordable price.

My vision for Gogo Lush is to provide divas on a budget with high quality yet affordable fashion jewelry. I know exactly how a woman feels when she walks out the house feeling great about what she is wearing that day. As women, we hold our personal appearance at the top of our priority list and we absolutely love to get compliments about what we are wearing. So Gogo Lush’s mission is to help put beautiful fashion statements at the fingertips of everyone.  As an additional goal, through the proceeds of Gogo Lush, we will be creating a charity foundation that will provide children and their families across the world with desperately needed water wells.

I hope you enjoyed my story and learning more about Gogo Lush fashion accessories, and the passion behind them!

For more information visit us at

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