Excessive Medical Scans Have American’s Leading the World in Radiation Exposure

How many CAT scans and MRIs would you say you’ve had in your lifetime? 3? 7? 30? MSNBC.com reported that in a series of Columbia University studies, not only is the amount of medical scans in the United States far overshadowing other indusialized nations, but the increased amount will be the cause of cancer in an increasing amount of diagnosed patients. Since it is suggested that approximately one third of all medial scans are unnecessary, I’d say keeping tabs on you and your loved one’s scan count is of utmost importance.

It’s so bad that in the article it tells about a doctor that was terrified to give a child that has already had 31 CAT scans another. After reading about how much radiation actually is in the typical medical scan (10-20 millisieverts), compared to how much Chernobyl and Japanese A-Bomb survivors were exposed to (50-150 millisieverts), it’ll almost take an act of congress to get me to take one again, that’s for sure.

As a precaution, think back to how many X-Rays, MRIs, and CAT scans you’ve had, and check out the article in full length here.

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