World Peace by Piece

I was driving home sober last night after bolting out of the most painful bar I’ve ever been in. I wouldn’t have otherwise gone, however, my friends Abby and Ryan came to visit me and they thought it would be “fun”.  It was not painful because I wanted to drink, because somehow God has lifted the mental and physical obsession turned compulsion from me, however, it was painful because I realized something strange. You can call it an epiphany I suppose. What is it that makes people in their early 20s want to go somewhere that requires you to push and shove through crowds of drunk people to become a sardine, at which point you have to shove the bar into your stomach to lean in close enough to annunciate/slur your drink order to the grateful bartender, who also doesn’t understand this phenomenon but loves collecting your frivolous expenditures and tips? Not to mention, conversations with friends or strangers which become screaming matches that are eventually forfeited to people watching, reciting the late 90s rap song blasting overhead, and excessive liquor consumption. How is this in any way fun? What drives people to the chaos that is often preceded by high expectations, dressing to the nine by slut standards, and the hopes that it will be worth the drunk drive and energy to ultimately become sweaty, disappointed, and hungry for Taco Bell….another twenty minute wait.

I am guilty of having been “one of them” for a very long time, thinking: Will guys check me out? Will I meet my new best drinking partner/friend? Will the bathroom be clean enough to do cocaine? I hope my dance skills will be noticed by someone. I wish I were as pretty as her. He’s hot but he knows it. Get out of my way, bitch. I’m tired but don’t care. I bet the bartender notices how good a tipper I am.

Anyways, the epiphany was ultimately this: Peace can be defined as having nothing to hide. People escape truth and succumb to selfish desires. World Peace will never come to fruition because it requires every human discover peace intrapersonally, an impossible feat. The Wars throughout history, was there ever really peace in victory? No, because the motives were never disclosed to the peons: the citizens, and eventually there is something else to bitch about anyways. I’m sure the animals were confused too.

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