UCLA Doctors Uncover Natural Fat Burning Compounds

If you’re looking for new organic ways to assist you in weight loss while spicing up your eating habits, look no further than the produce section of your supermarket. According to team research led by Dr. David Heber, who is a Professor of Public Health and Medicine at the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, a compound found in chili peppers called capsaicin, has the ability to “provide metabolic enhancement to weight management efforts” by significantly increasing the amount of energy the body burns along with eating a low calorie diet. Combine that with a proper workout regimen and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised at your spicy new results. The study used a pill form of a similar compound (without the spicy side effects) called Dihydrocapsiate, or DCT. It involved 33 subjects over 4 weeks.

Excerpts of the study was published in the The FASEB Journal and was presented at the Experimental Biology Meeting 2010 (April 24-28) in Anaheim, CA.

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