4 Bad Habits, 12 Years, and a Whole Lot of Productivity…

I was reading an article from MSNBC.com titled  “4 Bad Habits Can Age You by 12 Years“, which made it’s very compelling case for making lifestyle changes to stop these habits. The 4 habits mentioned where:

smoking tobacco; downing more than three alcoholic drinks per day for men and more than two daily for women; getting less than two hours of physical activity per week; and eating fruits and vegetables fewer than three times daily.”

Now surely we all would want to live 12 years longer by simply doing the polar opposite of the above activities. As I was reading the article though, I couldn’t help but wonder just how much more productive time can be gained by the lifestyle change? For example, if you’re putting away more than three alcoholic drinks a day, it’s probably safe to say that you’re not getting a whole lot done after hours (assuming that you’re not drinking on the job). That time could be used for more productive things that can positively impact your life and save you more time in the long run. The money and time saved from not smoking and drinking as often could be used on fruits, vegetables and a gym membership, with extra time to spend on other more life enhancing activities.

So there you have it. The proverbial two birds with one stone. Live longer and have more time to ensure that your extra 12 years here are more enjoyable.

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