Dancing with Adversity

As professionals, entrepreneurs, or just people that are trying to make it in society, we are faced with challenges that at some times can seem difficult at best and almost insurmountable at it’s worst. TED speaker, model, and Paralympic athlete Aimee Mullins knows a little something about life’s obstacles and shares it in her speech titled: The Opportunity of Adversity.

Her TEDtalk, which I implore you to watch in it’s entirety, sends a strong message to those that not only have naturally born challanges, but to everyone who has ever encountered an unforeseen situation that seems insurmountable.

Among everything that she says during the speech, one of the first things that hit home for me was her saying, “Everyone has something rare and powerful to offer our society. And that the human ability to adapt is our greatest asset.”

With show’s like How to Make it in America displaying the true life adversity that many of us face in making our dreams happen, we are shown plenty of examples of how uniquely similar we all are in our aspirational endeavors. We all know how much more difficult things can be if we resist to change. In the video Aimee says, “Adversity is change that we haven’t adapted ourselves to yet.” I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Going further, adversity is simply a change from one situation to another lesser known and more challenging. It is acceptance and dedication to improvement that will yield the character and inner strength in an individual needs to reach their potential.

She touched on the previous statement later in her talk by stating that “grappling” with adversity, and “maybe even dancing with adversity”, is what is necessary to create the right setting to unleashing our individual and rare power and abilities.

There was so much about this TEDtalk that I cannot even begin to put into words about how great it was. Hence, I have comprised a moderate list of things Aimee Mullins said that are important points and resonated with me:

“Adversity isn’t an obstacle that we need to “get around”  in order to resume our life.”

“Not shielding the ones we care for from adversity, but preparing them to meet it well.”

“If we see adversity as natural, consistent, and useful we’re less burdened by the presence of it.”

“Conflict is the genesis of creation.”

“Adversity gives us a sense of self. A sense of power.”

“All you need is one person to show you the epiphany of your own power and you’re off.”

“The only true disability is a crushed spirit.”

Your time will be well spent watching this video. Seriously.

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