New Technology Helps Blinded Soldier See With His Tounge

Three years ago, Lance Corporal Craig Lundberg of the British Army lost his sight in Iraq from a grenade and was lucky just to have survived . Now, thanks to Wicab Inc. of Middleton, Wisconsin, he is regaining his ability to see in the most unexpected of ways…his tongue.

With the assistance of a prototype device named BrainPort, Lundberg is able to see via a pair of cameras fitted into a pair of sunglasses that transmits the visual data via a plastic  lollipop shaped device that converts the visual signal to an electrical impulsed that is received by the tongue.

This past week when speaking to BBC News, Lundberg described his experience with his new visual aid: “One of the things it has enabled me to do is pick up objects straight away, I can reach out and pick them up when before I would be fumbling around to feel for them”.

Check out the BBC video coverage of this story here.

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