Cincinnati Leading the Nation in Crazy

Let it out man... The Browns & Bengals will do that to you sometimes.

Being from Ohio, I found this particularly amusing/troubling: The Daily Beast has awarded Cincinnati the craziest city in the United States. Not only did they win, but they had enough extra crazy left over to lend some to New York City, which was ranked #7 in large part because of it’s “Colorful Character”, citing Cincinnati native the Naked Cowboy as the main example.

Cleveland was ranked 13th, and Columbus rounded out the the top 20. According to the top 57 cities, that would make Ohio the craziest state in the country. California doesn’t even crack 3 cities on the list until Los Angeles shows up at #27.

The methodology for this list includes psychiatrists per capita, stress, eccentricity, and drinking.

Now I know there are some pretty interesting things going on in Ohio, but Craziest? Really? I mean, I know the Browns and Bengals have been known to cause cases of insanity, but come on. No offense to any other states, but there surely are more crazy places as a whole than the O-H.

Case in point, a few years back I was in a moderately populated city in Alabama at a Chevron/Popeyes and there was random ram roaming the parking lot. Horns and everything. Freaked me out. The staff looked at me like I was weird and told me that it happens all the time. Then, the next county over, we had stopped again and happened to see the headline of their local paper with their sheriff on the front. He was arrested for apparently embezzling $20,000 from the city. How’d he get caught? He spent most of the money on beer. Crazy.

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