Being Motivated vs. Being Inspired

The other day, Emilio Estefan was making his rounds on morning television to publicize he new book The Rythum of Success. During one of his appearances, he had made an interesting comment about how him being inspired did more for him than being motivated ever could. He labeled that one fact to be very instrumental in any person’s success.

In my own words, this what I gathered from the interview I watched:

Motivated is good, but it can only get you so far. It’s inspiration that separates the good from the great.

Inspiration is a gift. It is the divine will to put your all into something regardless of the outcome or potential for payoff.

The following video is of another interview he has done recently, but still delivers important messages, namely take chances and love what you do. I definitely believe it is that love of what you do, that serves as the source of inspiration.

What inspires you?

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