Haiti: How the Red Cross is Helping

By now you have heard about the tragedy that has directly affected Haiti and undoubtedly has touched all corners of the world.  The following CBS interview given by Tracy Reines of the American Red Cross about how the American and International Red Cross organizations coordinate efforts to help in the relief effort. While there are plenty of places and ways to donate to the general relief effort, we highly recommend the Red Cross, as their experience and logistics process has gotten only better in their 100+ years in doing disaster relief.

Check out the video and to make an online donation, visit their site at redcross.org and once on the donation page, select Haiti Relief and Development or click here to be directed to the page. You can also text “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross’ efforts (Tracy mentions this at the end of the 2nd video posted below).

For continual response updates of the relief effort by the Red Cross, visit their YouTube page here.  This is one of the videos from their most recent updates. I applaud their efforts and the transparency of their efforts with news coverage and these updates to help us at home better understand their efforts.

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