3 Reasons Why TED is a Good Idea

Bjarke Ingels

Bjarke Ingels giving a speech at a TED Conference

Are you familiar with TED? No, not Ted Danson, or that guy you used to drink with on the occasional weekend night, but TED. All caps, as in an acronym for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. For those that are not aware, TED is a community of arguably some of the best and brightest minds in the world in their respective fields. To sum up just what TED does, part of their mission statement on their site states:

“TED is devoted to giving millions of knowledge-seekers around the globe direct access to the world’s greatest thinkers and teachers.”

It goes on to state 10 different ways to help TED achieve this mission, the first way being to share info, speeches, links, etc., on Twitter, Facebook, Del.icio.us, e-mail, or any other medium that will help to keep the good ideas and discussions flowing. My personal favorite is the “Mother TED” application I downloaded from the Android Marketplace (I’m pretty certain it comes in iPhone’s format as well). This app has recent videos and great idea sharing content that you can tap into when on the go, which is all the time if you’re like me.

In addition to online video speeches/seminars and articles, there are conferences held around the world dedicated to the generation and distribution of great ideas that are applicable to most anyone in any facet of life.

Now that I’ve given a run down on TED, here are my 3 reasons why their good ideas, are a good idea:

  1. Enrich Your Life- Okay so this might be a more obvious one, but still. You might not get something profound from everything you read or watch from this community, but the principals of thought on many different levels can help you better yourself as a whole. This includes your intrapersonal, social, and professional lives.
  2. Networking- As with anyone that’s trying to get somewhere in life, networking with important intelligent people is key. What better place to do some elbow rubbing than at a place where industry leaders in countless professional fields come to meet and pass along knowledge?
  3. Leadership- Surely after you’ve gained some valuable new-found knowledge, you’ll be jumping at the chance to share it with others who might benefit. You never know who you inspire (unless they tell you), and sharing your knowlege with them just might be the thing to help them in ways you could never have even imagined.

Most importantly, TED is more than just idea sharing, it’s inspiration sharing as well. Check out this recent video of  writer/photographer Becky Blanton tell the story of the year she ended up being  homeless:

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