New Accessory for Blackberry Making Digital Watches Cool Again…


This week, RIM (Research In Motion) will soon have drawn yet another line in the sand in the competition of smart phone superiority with a very cool accessory for Blackberry users with the inPulse, as first seen at The thing I like most about this little watch wonder is that via Bluetooth, you can get e-mail and text alerts/previews, as well as incoming caller info, all without having to pull out your phone. Not only would it be perfect for runners and fitness people in general, but in your next meeting, a quick glance at your watch can tell you everything you need to know without drawing too much attention to yourself in those weekly meetings.

If you don’t have a Blackberry, this might be that little extra incentive to get one. If you’re a current user, this definitely could be the icing on your already addictive cake.

As great as this thing looks and as useful it will be, I can imagine this thing causing some relationship problems pretty quickly. I mean, how would you feel if your date was “checking the time” every 5 minutes…

I’ll be giving a run down of the inPulse on Brief #23, so look for it on our NetCast page soon but until then, check out the original post here.

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