Wanna Play? My Experience at PlayDate Charlotte

Playin' Cards and Talkin' Trash...

Playin' Cards and Talkin' Trash...

I recently spent some time down in the wonderful city of Charlotte, NC and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of fun I had at an event known as Play Date.  What is PlayDate? Well take some of you favorite old (and some new) board games, a few card games, throw in a DJ, a few MCs and a dancefloor, and then blend with alcohol and you’ve got the recipe to some big fun.

When we arrived we all had to sign in and create nametags for ourselves. Giving in to the peer pressure to choose a “flirty” name, I was suggested by one of the staff to select “XX…”. Okay it was more like me willingly going with as opposed to “giving in”, but that’s not important…

Once inside the venue, they had a reserved table already set up for our friend Danielle as we were out celebrating her birthday. It also helped that we knew one of the MCs for the event in Ryan. Needless to say, before we got to our table, we got drinks, which being the beer snob that I am, was the only think I would say that was disappointing. Budweiser, Bud Light, Corona, and Heineken were my beer choices. That’s it. They had better options for liquor, which was cool though. I would later fill my thirst for a good craft beer shortly afterward in the hotel bar, but other than that, the event was off to a great start.

With games like Connect 4, giant sized Jenga, and Wii racing going on, there was a lot of things to participate in as well as spectate. This includes that hula hoop competition that I got a front row seat for. Very entertaining. There was no way I was going to participate in that as I would’ve done as well as any other guy that tried. I’m pretty sure every guy was out in the first 15 seconds of the competition, which was almost to be expected.  What I didn’t expect was to be volunteered by the MC (Ryan) for the relay race and Twister games that followed hula hooping.

I didn’t win either event (I came in 2nd place both times), but because of my unsolicited participation in some of the main games of the event, I’ll admit that I had a lot more fun than I thought I would have. It was quite a bit of fun and well organized as there was something for everyone. I definitely recommend that you attend one if you can. It’s a nice change of pace from they typical going out events that I usually attend, which puts PlayDate now on my list of events to put on my calendar whenever possible.

You can visit their national Play Date site, or if you are in the Charlotte area, you can go to the local version of the site here.

Thanks Dan, and Heather for the Pics!

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