Proudly Announcing our Affiliation with Donnie Bishop Clothing Co.

Donnie Bishop Clothing Co.

We are currently on our break while we revamp our website, however, we would like to announce our affiliation with Donnie Bishop Clothing Co., from Brisbane, Australia.

Jason Sandhar, 29, Viggaenesh Kanniah, 27, and Shahil Prasad, 26, are the guys behind the label that is quickly growing into markets in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Asia. With each of them bringing a diverse and complementary skill-set to the company, they really cover all of the bases of their business with seamless teamwork that ultimately shows up in their garments.

We will have more information about Donnie Bishop Clothing Co., their chic new clothing collection, and it’s creators after our break, but until then,  check out this brief video of a photo shoot from their European ad campaign.

Also, visit them at their website, on MySpace, and follow them on Twitter.

We definitely look forward to working with them and as we both are revamping our websites, we will keep you up to date on the developments of things as they unfold.

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