The Urbanite-Socialites’ Phase I Release…

First, I’d want to  say thanks to everyone who have been viewing our video podcast on our site, iTunes, Miro, & the Zune Marketplace.  We have been pretty busy working on the foundation  & design, and will be releasing what will be phase I of our site, in a few weeks.   We’re very excited about our progress and look forward to sharing more information in the next few weeks leading up to this release.

In addition, those that want to contribute articles to our site, check out our page “Searching for Writing Contributors” on this blog for more detailed information, and e-mail us at info(at)

Thanks again & stay tuned.

Until next time, check out this inspiring story of a California high school student who has dreams of going from being homeless, to earning a degree at Harvard. It’s always great and refreshing to see people who have the drive and determination to reach for and perform at the highest levels, despite their current situation.

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