The After 5 Experience at the 7 Arts of Design

West 6th Street

West 6th Street

One of the best things about spring in the MidWest is the first really warm spring day and night. This past Friday was one of those nights where everyone’s mood was better, and there was an excitement/optimism that was as warm as that afternoon on Cleveland’s lakefront.  This set the perfect stage for Fashion Week Cleveland’s most recent event, the 7 Arts of Design at Jac’s on West 6th Street.

Steve Enjoying a drink at 7 Arts of Design

Steve Enjoying a drink @ 7 Arts of Design

The event was more of an after 5 mixer, than full on social event, as area creatives met, mingled and engaged as usual with the Fashion Week events, but in a very relaxed (and well dressed), “after work” atomosphere.  The combination of the good food that was provided, drinks, and music, helped make a great transition from day to night. Having the Cleveland vs. Detroit game on one of the bar screens was just added bonus (or maybe that was just me).

The transition proved to set up quite an evening out with friends as Steve and I perused West 6th and Easat 4th Streets.  We then made our way to Coventry and met up with Erin, who’s choice of going to the B-Side was nothing short of awesome.  We took advantage of the great weather on their patio, enjoyed dynamic conversation and a few drinks amist tiki torches and a wobbly table, cleverly fixed by a stack of napkins (good call Steve). Thanks again Erin, for coming out!

Erin and Brian Enjoying the B-Side

Erin and Brian @ the B-Side

This Friday, May 1st is Fashion Week Cleveland’s final social event before the big week May 2-9th. This weeks’s even is entitled “Glam”, and is hosted by FWC and Scene Magazine at La Dolce Vita. In what will no doubt be another fashionably fun night, the aim of this event is putting emphasis on “celebrating the good life”, as stated by Fashion Week Cleveland. I have enjoyed spending the past 3 weekends attending FWC events and look forward to attending yet another great event. See you there!

Lakefront View from W6thThe Bar @ Jac'sThe Bar Room
The Bar Room- UpstairsThe Bar Room HallwayCadillac Jack's

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