Fashion Week Cleveland: Meet The Designers

This past weekend, XO Prime Steaks was the setting for the exciting and modish evening, “Meet the Designers”, hosted by Fashion Week Cleveland and Cleveland Magazine.  It was a packed house as some of Northeast Ohio’s most creative and style conscious had an opportunity to mingle with designers from the area.

Upon my arrival, the atomosphere was already buzzing with excitement and anticipation for Fashion Week, which is from May 2-9th. As I made my way into the VIP area of the venue, I was lucky enough to walk in on a most unusual and entertaining photo pose. Fortunately, I was able to get my camera phone out just in time for a quick pic. Not by best camera phone photography, but hey, the guy was getting ready to fall and I had to move fast…

A most Fashionable Headstand If I've Ever Seen One...

A most Fashionable Headstand If I've Ever Seen One...

It didn’t take long to be greeted by members of Fashion Week Cleveland’s comittee who had remembered me from last week’s event. I must say, the warm welcome made me feel at ease in such a large crowd of unfamiliar faces.   Once Steve arrived, we found ouselves networking and having interesting conversation with photographers, designers, models, and other creative minds. The higlight of the event for me, was the fun that I had modeling and greeting the guests, thanking them for their attendence all while showing off one of the designers creations. From my interactions with the attendees, the support and love for the local fashion scene shown that evening was immense.

With two events down and two more to go in April, the build up to fashion week is getting better by the week with no signs of slowing down. Next stop: “7 Arts of Design” this Friday at Jac’s in the Warehouse District. This networking mixer is a “must go” for those that are in any of the creative design disciplines. This means Mr. Graphic Designer and Mrs. Architect will be there, and of course our Technical Director Steve and I (Creative Director) will be in attendence. Hope to see you there!

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