Hard at Work and Making Progress…

It’s hard to believe it’s April already.  Since the beginning of the year, Steve and I have really been running with the site and it’s continued growth. At the same time, we have been fortunate to attend some pretty cool events such as the Cleveland Auto Show and Lectures given by Rubin and Isabel Toledo, and Dr. Cornel West.

I've had a few days like this...

I've had a few days like this...

Steve has been hard at work making upgrades to the beta page and working on the finished product that you see in the page curl on the home page of The Urbanite-Socialites. If you haven’t noticed, we have also added a weekly video podcast to the site and are looking to expand further very soon.  With so much going on, there are days when the day’s list of tasks to accomplish can feel a bit overwhelming, but I believe our hard work and perseverence has been paying off.  Our progression has been gradual but consistent, which has me very thankful, especially in the global economic crisis we find ourselves in.

The current business climate has put us in a position where we have to be very creative with the utilization of our resources, especially as a start-up.  I’d like to think it has forced us to focus more on maximizing our potential as a team and as individuals.  I’m sure Steve would agree that in large part, this is due to the problem solving and “outside the box” thinking we have both had to rely on when things don’t go quite as planned.

I’m very excited to have the upcoming opportunities that we have in the coming months,  and I can’t wait to share them with you here as things continue to progress.  Check back here more often as this blog will begin to have more frequent information about these opportunities and the events we will be attending in the near future. Also check Steve and I (@SGeorgiades & @BrianAlls) out on Twitter!

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