Helllllllllo Urban Socialites

Just wondering if anybody knows the masterminds behind The Urbanite-Socialites? I know two; one of which I know better than the other. Brian Alls and Stephen Georgiades have decided to create a web magazine, so to speak, for a sophisticated demographic interested in more than just the weather and what to wear on a hot date (the ones that usually end up sucking). Although people may not classify me as sophisticated, this innovation is going to open our eyes to fashion, health, arts and industry all relayed through the knowledge and introspection of those involved in such areas. I live in the Cleveland area and there are so many museums, clothing boutiques, art galleries and urban socialites trying to create names for themselves like you and I. In the future, I will be sure to update you on places and events in Cleveland to check out. Thanks Brian and Steve for opening an arena for our desires! -Erin

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